In-house PR Vs PR Agency – How to select?

As the demand for PR services is increasing, we notice that a lot of companies do not have clarity on what type of PR services to opt for. When it comes to PR there are mainly two key options – Onboard an External PR Agency or Conduct PR Activities in-house. The basis of this choice largely depends on the type of PR activities and the stage at which the client is in terms of company growth.

Here are a few points to consider:
  • An external agency brings in diverse skillsets, industry expertise and media relations across sectors. They can help the company get any media presence in a time-bound manner versus an in-house agency, which offers a more standardized view and approach
  • External agencies have the flexibility of resources and can provide continuous support throughout the tenure of PR Activities
  • In-house PR works well for a short-term activity
  • External agencies add an additional layer of expertise which works very well in terms of crisis.
  • Small to mid-sized companies should always opt for external PR agencies
  • Opt for the option where you have good camaraderie as PR involves a continuous flow of interaction
  • Hope these tips helped!