PR and Advertising - What’s the difference?

There has always been a perpetual discussion on PR being touted as advertising. Let’s go to the basic difference here and know about how Public Relations is different from traditional modes of advertising. In this post, we will delve into the diverse features of advertising and PR, shedding light on how each approach contributes to the success of modern campaigns. By understanding the distinct roles and functionalities of these disciplines, marketers can leverage their strengths to create comprehensive strategies that resonate with their target audience.

  • Advertising denotes the strategic practices that businesses employ to create awareness about their product
  • Public Relations on the other hand refers to garnering a media presence via organic strategic communications and media relations
  • Advertising enables a brand to show its product the way they want to and as many times as per their budget
  • Public Relations allows you to focus on your story and brings the added advantage of telling your tale via different journalists, adding brand value
  • Advertising brings in less credibility as the audience is aware that it’s a paid activity
  • Messages via Public Relations are spread via third parties and media houses, thus adding a lot of credibility and building a stronger brand image
  • Hope this helps you get clarity on how Advertising and Public Relations are different and how when used together in a strategic manner, can work wonders for any brand!