Things to keep in mind before joining the PR industry

The Public Relations industry has been growing at a massive rate. The PR industry grew by 13% in 2022 which is a 10% jump from the pandemic era of 2021. As per the latest @PRCAI report India’s PR industry ($260m) now accounts for 8.5% of Asia-Pacific and 1% of the global PR industry. As Public Relations is a constantly evolving industry, professionals need to be aware of a few things before entering the industry. Here is a quick checklist:

Time Management:

As an industry professional, you must work on time management skills as there will be multi-tasking involved. Since PR is time-sensitive, individuals should learn to manage the workload and focus on finishing each task within the deadline

Be quick and alert in capturing trends

One key quality a PR Professional should possess is the ability to notice media trends and capture them for clients. This involves a lot of reading and staying updated with current news and stories

Have clarity on your day-to-day tasks

Some key tasks which will be assigned at the initial levels of your career in PR would be drafting press releases, daily tracking, content writing for editorial opportunities and updating media lists. Ensure you have a clear understanding of all of these beforehand

Establish relationships

The Public Relations and Corporate Communications industry functions on relationships with journalists, marketers, industry stakeholders, industry veterans, agencies etc. Having a good command of communications and high proficiency in English language usage is essential. It is necessary to establish and maintain connections as it will help you in attaining knowledge of what is going around and develop strategies and opportunities accordingly, for your clients. One should also stay in constant contact with your coworkers. This is where you will learn a lot! PR professionals are easy to approach as mentors and friends, making it easier to establish and build long-term relationship with them.